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Flooring Options for your Basement

Are you renovating your basement and trying to decide on the rich details, like what to put on the floor? These days, more people are turning their boring and drab basements into slick home entertainment centers, man caves, fitness centers, and home libraries. It is an ideal way to turn additional space into something useful, as well as boost the value of your property.

But how do you furnish the floor? Cover up that solid concrete with one of the styles options for basement flooring.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

If you live in a cold environment, then this is the option for you. It’ll keep the full space warmer by maintaining heat. What type of carpet you pick to use will all depend on what purpose you wish the room to serve. For instance, if you want a fine, luxurious entertainment center in-home, carrying a major investment in furniture and equipment, it might make sense to go whole the way and invest in fluffy, fancy carpeting that’ll make your barefoot happy when your comfort and unwind after a long day.

Though, keep in mind that basements tend to have problems like mold, water damage, and many other household issues. Therefore, you might want to consider a carpet that is slightly more durable, particularly if the basement is going to have a functional purpose, such as an office or home gym. A carpet type that is good for this is the short-napped variety.

Laminate flooring

A laminate floor is most likely the option that first comes to mind for the basement. It is budget-friendly and simple to install. It’s a simple care product and aside from the general mopping and sweeping there’s not much else to do. This might also offer a few solaces during getting together or events. The inevitable spills of wine or cake are easily wiped up without the hassles that carpeted flooring would cause.

Vinyl sheet and tile flooring

This type of floors also goes straight over arranged concrete and will endure even small floors with no ill outcome. Resilient vinyl flooring gives slightly cushioning under the foot and is fairly costly. Premium vinyl does a great job of mimicking ceramic tile, natural stone, and even solid wood.

Engineered Wood

Engineered solid wood is a special touch that involves laying finished wood over a plywood layer and making it more cost-efficient than a pure wood finish. These layers are installed over a pad named a float, and your basement flooring must be smooth for it to be installed. It’ll still feel and look like a solid wood floor and can be stained and scratched, which means that it is superior for aesthetics than for durability.

Ceramic Floors

This sort of floor is elegant to have upstairs, but the basement does not work out well at all. First, ceramic tiles become very slick when sweating is present, and that’s a real possibility in the basement. Other drawbacks include the issues in cleaning ceramic flooring as well as how simple tiles can be broken if something heavy is dropped on them.

Concrete flooring

Concrete floors can also be made into an attractive-looking alternative. Primarily, in most homes, it’s there already so there’s no initial outlay. It can be painted with wonderful paints, it can be dyed with dyes that are designed for the job, and with professional assistance, it can be made to look like tiles or marble instance. When using solid concrete in this way it’s a fine idea to use scatter rugs to help the area to stay warm.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors in the basement are becoming slightly more popular than they are utilized to be. It can provide a unique design option while being simple to maintain and durable. One major con to epoxy floors in the basement is the temperature, like ceramic tiles. Epoxy floors are extremely cold and hard on your foot. All depending on your uses for the basement padded flooring could be an ideal option. Epoxy floors can be a great way to provide your basement an industrial design.

It’s vital to know what’s the purpose of your basement, if that space will be utilized as a storage space; you have to consider epoxy flooring. If you opt for a more finished touch, nothing can go wrong with laminate, carpeting, or hardwood flooring.

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