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Hardwood floor maintenance tips

For any type of structure to be able to stand the test of time, there must be a proper routine called maintenance, hence, even if a component can stand the test of time due to its strong durability, there has to be maintained to avoid depreciation or collapse. Hardwood Finishing give more aesthetic value to several parts of a building and the most important part of a building is the floor.

Today, numerous types of finishes are given to floor and one important finish that can be given to the floor of a home is hardwood floor finish. The hardwood flooring is the process by which floor is finished to give more aesthetic value to the floor using raw hardwood from timber.  Therefore it is necessary to have knowledge of maintaining something so beautiful and elegant. It is hard for you not appreciate the looks of this hardwood flooring in your home, because of this you have to find a way to enable the look, feel and design of the hardwood floor continue to satisfy you as much as you desired it at first. To achieve this, proper and adequate maintenance is required of its user so as to maintain it’s a sparkling and radiant beautiful view.  Many people do ask how hardwood floor is maintained or how they can maintain the hardwood floor of their home. This article will provide proper procedures to follow in order to ensure that your hardwood floor lasts for a very long time. As fantastic as this floor finish may look and feel, it also as it’s downsides which can make it less effective as it is engineered to be. Therefore, for your hardwood floor to be durable and stand the test of time, the following are the sets of instructions that you need to follow.

Tip #1: Avoid water or liquid spillage on your hardwood floor: Everybody knows that once trees are processed into timbers and into the wood it is important to avoid liquid materials such as water to pour or spill on it because it allows the growth of some bacteria that are dormant in the wood. Generally speaking, wood and water are no friends, therefore your hardwood flooring is closest to damage each time it is exposed to moisture. water causes defect to the finish on a hardwood floor and at the same time, can penetrate deep into the wood and stain it. Water or other liquid spillages should, therefore, be avoided by hardwood floor users. Furthermore, when cleaning your  hardwood floor, avoid the use of steamers and floor steamer mops. Since hardwood floor readily absorbs specks of dirt so easily, to achieve optimum results, most people try to use devices such as steam cleaners and floor steamers mops which also expose this flooring finish to serious damage.  This is just because steam is vapourised water and as a matter of fact it is more dangerous to the floor because of the excessive heat and moisture.

Tip #2: Conduct proper cleaning process on your hardwood floor: Most traditional hardwood floor users know the difficulties in keeping the aesthetic value of their floor. In fact it is more complicated to keep maintaining and retaining the radiant look of hardwood flooring. Nonetheless, to maintain the polished-look of hardwood floor for decades, you have to regularly vacuum your floor every week. In order to achieve a good vacuuming of the dirts on your floor and also protect the finish as well as keep  its appearance, original vacuum equipment should be used with little or no scratches on the floor. It is proposed to use an attachment with a brush that runs along the floor or better still a dust mop. The newly invented microfiber sweeper known as Swiffer will also achieve the desired result without ruining your hardwood floor. Remember to always seek more knowledge about vacuum cleaning. For a more thorough cleanup,  you should use  a non-ammonia chemical composite cleaner in cleaning your floor to reduce bleaching rate.

Tip #3: Re-touch your hardwood floor:  No matter how careful you think you are or can be, over the years, most floor finishes tend to wear off due to exposure to weather, thus with time the aesthetic look of hardwood floor finish tends to fade away but it will always remain structurally stable. So how will you get back the aesthetic value of your floor? Well, polishing your floor every now and then is a maintenance activity that will help retain the aesthetic look and feel of your hardwood floor for almost a lifetime. Polishing will bring out the different pattern that the hardwood flooring had initially when it was originally installed. Use  good and quality chemical  when re-touching your hardwood floors as to ensure it last long and does not peel off easily, since the patterns  on the floor will continue to degrade when coating with another level of finish and will not be as clear as it ought to be when the original patterns are outweighed by the  new polish.

Tip #4: Give rapt attention to any dent or damage that arises: Always give rapid attention to any defect that youon the surface of your hardwood floor which may be due to using. Keep this defect in close check so that little damage do not end up becoming a large and voluminous defect.  Defects that can be fixed or rectified easily should be handled fast and promptly else such, the defect might become permanent or rather that call for a costly solution. Hardwood floor users should always, therefore, watch out for the defect in their floors and as well as those angles that are not in regular use and the corners of the room.  Call for expert advice when you notice defects that are uncommon or that you can’t proffer solution to.

Tip #5: Avoid unnecessary dirt:

Since most visitors will not pull their shoes before they step on your hardwood floor, you out to get a 4 by 6 ft long foot mat for the entrance of your home. This will keep out a lot of dirt that visitors would have brought into your home on your hardwood floor. This dirt would be trekked upon causing the hardwood floor to scratch and leaving a dent on your floor. If you have a long foot mat at the entrance of your home, visitors will clean their shoes off it and dirt, water and other moisture on their shoes will stick to the mat, leaving your floor clean and free of unnecessary dirt all the time.

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