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Hardwood Flooring – Boost the value of your home

How Hardwood flooring can boost the value of your home

Floor finishes are an essential part of a Home. The way the floor of your house is finished speaks a lot about your house and the value. Upon completing the house carcass, the finishes are Kickstarter instantly. Although most buildings have a solid floor made out of concrete (Damp proof course), it is essential to cover the rough concrete surface with an eye-catching and appealing finish.

In choosing a floor finish, most people think more about the beauty of the floor , leaving out another essential part, the durability. Floor finishes ranges from Terrazzo to tile work, 3d epoxy floor finish, hardwood refinishing, carpets, rubber, marble, granite and a host of other floor finishes.  As much as the cost of each floor finish differ, so also their durability and beauty.

For most rich homes, the harwood finish is chosen not only because it is attractive and beautiful but also because it sets a class. The truth remains that not everyone everywhere would love to have a hardwood floor finish, but generally, most people would find it appealing.

For a home owner or a real estate owner, the best floor finish to go for is a hardwood finish as it makes the house look richer than the overall cost of construction. It enhances the economic value of the house instantly.  Just as you are believed to be rich if you drive a Ferrari, so also a hardwood finish places a certain class of economic value on your home. I remember the last time my friend sold a house to a new couple. After showing the couple 3 new houses for them to choose from, the wife insisted on the house with wood floor finish. The husband’s face showed clearly his pocket is not in tune with the wife’s eyes but he had no choice. My friend sold the same house for $10,000 extra simply because his client’s  wife fell in love with the floor of the third house. That time henceforth, Peter always wanted to show his clients any house with hardwood floor last, so he can make more bucks easily.


The health benefits attached to the use of hardwood flooring is also worthy of note. Owing to the fact that hardwood floors are made out of organic trees, they have a non-electromagnetic nature. This property helps hardwood floors to resist dust better than most floor finishes. For  people with high allergy to dust or asthmatic patients, the hardwood floor is of a high health benefit.  Since allargens are attracted by floors that attract much dust and molds also travel with dusts, hardwood floors are usually recommended by doctors for use by allergic patients. It is noteworthy to say that dust particle can settle on the hardwood floor like every other floor, but the hardwood floor will not retain excess dust after cleaning. When it is cleaned, it is free of dust.

Polishing of the floor surface will be required every 3 years in densely populated buildings while in the less dense building, it could last up to 10 years and still retain its glow. Minimal maintenance is required of user and care must be taken not to have waterlogged for too long on the surface as it will damage the wood. This in itself will teach users to be highly hygienic.

Another disadvantage is termite attack in areas of high moist. Termites can easily attack hardwood floor finishes but nowadays, companies producing these floor finishes build the wood finishes to resist termite attack in every way.

Apart from setting class and luxurious look, the hardwood floor finish also last a lifetime. Most floor finishes last a decade at most before they are worn out. Most don’t even last that long before they become useless. Hardwood floor finishes may require routine maintenance but when maintained well, it lasts a lifetime. Floor finishes that take time to wear is a plus to the value of a building. It can be argued that scratches may be seen on hardwood floors over time because of scratching from pet nails and human use but nowadays, engineers have perfect the use of either sanding or surface resealing to make the surface of your hardwood floor finish shine like new again. So whether you have pets with lion claws or your children ;love to scratch the floor, you are well covered using hardwood floor finish for your home.

So come to think of it, as a homeowner, prospective homeowner, a builder or real estate businessman, one thing is common to all, a house. Why do we all want a house? To have a place to rest our heads at night? I think it’s a bit more than that. The economic value placed on almost everything we see still affects the kind of house we want to lay our head. So my point is we all want to raise the economic value of where we already rest our heads at night and or the house we are planning to build, the house our client pay us to build for them or the house we plan to build for sale. So to gain that economic power, the edge over our neighbor, our clients, and our prospective buyers, we need to increase or up the value of what we build or live in.

You are addressed the way you are dressed. This can go in the same as you are valued as the house you live in. So to be valuable, we need to boost the value of where we live in.

One easy way of boosting that value without breaking the bank is changing the floor finishes to hardwood floor finish or finishing the new house using a hardwood floor finish.

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