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AFFORDABLE HARDWOOD FLOORINGOne amazing thing about hardwood flooring is the fact that it is always trending anytime, any day. Hardwoods have been used consistently for centuries, and they have stood the test of time despite being subjected to different patterns, shapes, and designs, which show that they may never go out of vogue. The reason hardwoods may never go out of vogue is that it creates a kind of natural aura around one, it makes you feel like you are in a forest, it gives you a natural feeling.

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Hardwood floors are woods designed to be used as floor coverings, structurally and aesthetically. Timber is quite a common choice to be used as a flooring object and it can be used in numerous ways, numerous shades of color, numerous sizes and varieties.

Hardwood floors are quite good for a number of reasons like;

It’s Uniqueness:

All the planks and particle boards that are used when making a hardwood floor are a special art, they make it have its own special patterns. There are varieties of hardwoods one can choose from, with each having its own special features and that makes every installed hardwood unique in style and nature.

Its Character: with time woods have the tendencies to change. They gradually possess different shades of color, they also get dented, get scratched which all gather on the exterior and all these give them a certain look on their surfaces as they age over the years.

Large Spaces: hardwoods are very good to be used for very large open spaces even as they accumulate dents, scratches they even tend to beautify the rooms or wherever they are used.

There are however a number of flooring types of which the hardwood floors are one of such. Hardwood floor is quite the most fashionable floor exterior covering material and they have been so for many years. It is so because of their flexibility of purpose and their patterns, plus a likely innate allure which gives each set up a very distinct appearance.

Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood substances are collected from trees that grow much slower, but eventually become much denser, and more long-lasting than softwood. This therefore means they are more durable and involve much less maintenance. The toughness of the hardwood type might vary and this is ranked by by an association called ‘’ (NOMFA)’’ the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association using the Wood rigidity Rating scale.

While hardwood floors continue to remain popular in many houses for numerous reasons, they are very beautiful and attractive and more importantly because they can be refined, unlike other types, they can last for a very long time.

Different types of hardwood floors

Bamboo flooring

Although it cannot really be called hardwood as many people consider it as such. Because bamboos are a kind of grass and they come in different colours. But the good thing about bamboos is that they can be sanded and refinished despite being unsuitable for wet areas.


Maple floors are one of the popular floors because they have very unnoticeable grain patterns which make them fit well into both large and small spaces. Maple floors are also very tough which therefore makes them good for highly crowded areas. Maple floors are also very less porous than the other types of wood as it is always very hard for them to absorb stains.


The rosewood is a bit quite new in the market but it has been used for many years in furniture making, therefore the rosewood is also unique on its own as it also has different grain patterns and also has a variety of colours.

Walnut flooring

Walnut floorings usually have a dark appearance which makes them capable of being used for different designs in many homes, they are very tough in nature and because of this, they are one of the toughest hardwoods in the market, they are also very recommended for highly crowded areas.


The cherry floors are kind of not as strong as its counterparts, but despite that, they are so elegant when installed. They often have a pink colour that goes deeper with time therefore making it cooler as time passes by. Although cherry floors scratch easily, but with regular maintenance, they can last very long.

Brazilian cherry

The Brazilian cherry floors have a very different appearance, they beautify any room with their reddish brown color and are also very tough for a highly populated area.


Pine is a kind of hardwood floors, it is known as ‘’character wood’’ meaning it’s a softwood, but doesn’t mean it’s entirely soft in nature, it is just prone to impressions,  however, it is thought to look better as it gets older.


Hickory floors are long-lasting and tough if one is looking for floors that can withstand a lot of foot trampling. Also, hickory floors blend well with almost any kind of interior decorations.


Ash hardwoods are usually much less expensive than other woods and another good thing about ash hardwoods is that there are about 65 different types of them available for use.


The lyptus hardwood is quite less common compared to other floorings. In a cold house or weather, lyptus woods makes rooms warm, it also looks exotic thereby making it one of the designers’ best choices.


The mahogany, on the other hand, is well known for being so elegant and beautiful and most especially known for being very classic, although quite more expensive than the rest, it is worth it after all.


The oak tree is quite popular among other trees and is also popular in hardwood floorings. It is quite difficult for an oak floor to wear out easily, and just because it comes in different colors and also because it is durable, people tend to use it more.

After all this exposition about hardwood floors, one would realize there is a suitable type of hardwood with the pattern, size, shape, and color that anyone wants or chooses regardless of their choices of hardwood, so there is no tale of dissatisfaction after all.

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