Hardwood Laminate Flooring Mississauga

Laminate Flooring is very popular at most homes in Mississauga and we supply high quality wholesale and retail laminate flooring at an affordable price in Mississauga. Laminate wood flooring is very easy to clean and maintain and comes with a lot of range and variety which is why it is the preferred choice for many homeowners in Mississauga. We have a variety of basement and kitchen laminate flooring for the perfect finish.


Why is Laminate flooring so popular in amongst homeowners in Mississauga?

Let’s review pros associated with the Laminate Flooring. A quick recap of what is Laminate Flooring? As the name suggests laminate means a cover or a seal. Laminate flooring is made of multiple layers of durable material. This flooring type is made of a bottom layer that is a stabilizing layer designed for moist-resistance. This layer is then topped with the synthetic fireboard which provides strength. It is topped with another layer called the photographic layer for the design. Final topping is finished with melamine resin. Laminate is best for the kitchens, bathrooms, cost cutters, DIYers, older homes, pet owners, and those who seek more stylish and modern styles.

Factors considered to make a choice:

Firstly, you must understand what exactly your requirement is. Consider the below factors before making a choice:

  1. Cost and Installation
  2. Repair/Maintenance
  3. Moisture Resistance
  4. Durability
  5. Environment-friendly
  6. Pet-Friendly
  7. Style Options
  8. Resale Value

Cost and Installation:

Your budget pretty much decides the design you would hand pick and the material used. However, in comparison to the hardwood flooring, the laminate flooring is less expensive.

It can be installed below grade and float over the existing floors. Laminate flooring is easier to install as it is typically manufactured with a tongue and grooves that snap together. It is pre-finished, hence the time taken for installation process at your home is less. The best part of the laminate flooring is, it can be glued over wood, concrete or placed over a cork or foam pad.



When it comes to maintenance, we must think a hundred times. Even if we have all the cleaning equipment to maintain the laminate flooring, it really will be bothering if this requires a laborious process of maintenance. With laminate flooring, it is a blessing that the maintenance is simple and can be mopped with water and it doesn’t require any special cleaning solution to do the same. Isn’t it simple? A good maintenance guarantees the longevity of the floor too. They don’t need to be waxed, sandpapered or refinished.

Moisture Resistance:

I reiterate the laminate flooring is moist resistant meaning it can resist moisture well. This makes the laminate flooring good for the rooms where the spills happen more often. Laminate flooring is a good option specifically for the Kitchens and Bathrooms.


This floor is made of several layers, and the top layer is resistant to scratches, stains and dents. This means, it is ideal for the busy lifestyles, heavy traffic. A good quality brand ensures long life if maintained well.




We all have a good friend out there and who doesn’t like to tame a pet? Are you wondering if the laminated flooring is pet-friendly? It is easy to clean the pet hair from the smooth surface. These floors are water-resistant so these floors are better for the puppies and kittens. Pet nails are less likely to scratch the floors. What more can you ask for, it is pet-friendly.

Style Options:

You can pick a variety of style options when it comes to the laminate flooring. The texture, finish, shape matter when you live in your house. The quality of laminate flooring has improved over the years. It is a little difficult to point out the difference between the hardwood and a higher end laminate flooring. There are plenty of style options in laminate flooring.


Last but not the least, the laminate flooring is considered more hygienic than carpeting your house. There is a possibility of excrement of dust mites from the carpets, allergies are caused to the people who are prone to dust and all types of allergies. The laminate flooring would be a good choice to avoid such kind of health hazards. Think over and decide what suits best for you.

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