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Why Choose Laminate flooring for your Home

A laminate floor otherwise known as a ‘floating floor’ is made up of a couple of plies of materials glued together from beginning to the end through a process of lamination. The interior hub is gotten from a board of fibre which is very high in density called high Density Fibreboard (HDF). The finish comprises a printed sheet that resonates the picture of stone, wood or any other material which it’s meant to depict. The surface is toughened with a ply of aluminium oxide, which is one of the toughest materials one can ever find.

Laminate flooring are being enjoyed in a lot of homes all over the world, largely due to their prices, toughness and the fact that it is quite easy to install. Laminate floorings are made in planks, stone-like,  metal-like and tiles. Laminate floors were developed many years ago to use in place of hardwood floorings as a cheap alternative most especially as it imitates hardwood floorings and all these are possible largely due to the fact that a photographic process is involved in creating the design layer of the laminate floor.

How is this done? The image of whatever it is the manufacturer wants to imitate is photographed and printed and after that glued to a fibre board and this is covered by a durable, clear top film that is resistant to scratches and dents.

There are also old and archaic-looking versions of laminate floors too if anyone wants the feeling of an archaic flooring.

Because a laminate floor is a set of encrusted floor type built with a glued, watertight High Density Fibre board, there are about four different layers it comprises and they are;

  1.  A water resistant glued High density fibre core board

The HDF board is the foundation of a Laminate floor. It comprises polished fibres of wood high in melamine resin. It is a re-particled board which involves all parts of the tree. The board is quite alike in content and technical nature everywhere. It is extremely strong, firm and highly waterproof.

  1. A balancing layer

This waterproof back layer ensures a purely balanced board that will not bend but will stay firm when properly maintained and installed.

  1. A design layer

This is the layer that projects the real face of your floor. This layer is always in a very high photo resolution of real wood finish which is remodeled with a very sophisticated printing technique and is also completed with melamine resin which is an important material. The blend of the ideal design and exterior formation makes the wood or tile replication look exceptionally real and natural.

  1. A transparent, wear-resistant overlay

This topmost layer makes the laminate floor stain-resistant, wear-resistant, shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and burn-resistant. There are several layers of melamine pressed on the high density fibreboard core under intense heat. The outermost layer is completed with either a wood or tile texture.



There could be a good number of reasons to choose laminate flooring over other types of floors like;


Laminate floors are very easy to clean. You could use a vacuum cleaner or broom, you could also mop with a wet mop or floor wipe and there is usually no need for floor waxing. Whatever one’s choice of cleaning is, it comes out great.



Laminate floors can be fixed in partially wet areas like the kitchens, and a couple of other places where there is the likelihood of moisture as long as the boards are held tight against each other, leaving no room for moisture.​

Durability and Maintenance

Laminate floors are quite resistant to dents and scratches. Laminate floors have a layer that prevents the photographic layer under the surface layer. Some makers give up to 10 years warranties on the wear ply. Laminate floor’s tough exterior repels all forms of stains. But if you get a stain, it is quite easy to clean.


Laminate floors usually feel hard under the foot without an underlay, the majority of installations always include underlay which gives the floors quite a bouncy feeling, thereby making it easier to trample on for a long time.


Laminate floors project the look of stone, wood and other natural materials they are made of. There are usually no flaws in laminate floors unlike real wood, which sometimes comes with a lot of imperfect pieces that need to be disposed of or re-designed. Every board is of consistent quality and appearance. .

Resale Value

Laminate floor producers have been trying so hard to improve their products. With the inclusion of a better texture, and better graphics reproduction these are some of the ways these products have improved, thereby making it similar to what is enjoyed in solid hardwood and engineered wood floors and more importantly making Laminate floors command higher resale value when listing your home.

Variety of designs

Laminate floors are obtainable in a wide range of designs, so getting a suitable one for your room shouldn’t be difficult. At some point in time laminate floors were limited to hardwood-like forms, but contemporary laminate floors are accessible in stone, hardwood porcelain tile designs. Also, laminate floors provide home owners the opportunity to savour a good-looking floor in the style of hardwood floors or tile at a small proportion of the labor and cost.


Laminate floors also known as a “floating floor,” can be fixed directly over an already existing plywood floor or any other form of hard-surface floor, such as concrete, hardwood or linoleum. Very waste occurs when using this floor type. Unlike hardwood floors, laminate floors have no structural defects or flaws. More importantly, an average home owner can install the laminate floor themselves and save a whole lot on labour.

In conclusion, it would interest one to know that laminate floors are not a bad idea at all especially for people who want the ‘’hardwood’’ feeling but can’t afford it may be due to inadequate funds as it affords people the opportunity of enjoying the same benefits.

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